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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe and practical baby travel accessories that will help families and motivate them to keep exploring.

Our Story

Our family moved from the UK to the US in 2018. During that process, we wanted to find a secure way to keep our 7th-month-old son's pacifier intact while traveling - because we all know how babies love the "fetch my pacifier from the floor game" - and we found a product to solve that problem.

Once we arrived in the USA, we took some time off to explore the East Coast. On our adventures while traveling people would often approach us and express interest in our son's unique pacifier clip. 

We had enough interest that it sparked the idea to make a better version of our own. This version would be safer, more durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. This way we could help other parents have a smoother experience when out and about with one less thing to worry about.

Coocute Family

Once we settled down in the Sunshine State we soon became pregnant with our second son. Life just kicked into overdrive for us, very quickly! Winding the clock forward to the present, our youngest son is now 3 years old, and we feel this is the perfect time to turn our dream into a reality.


As seasoned parents, we know traveling with your little one(s) can be unnerving, unpredictable, and occasionally even overwhelming. Sometimes it can be the most simple of things that can make all the difference. 


Join us as we grow our business to provide you with travel-friendly baby accessories that will inspire you to keep traveling, as we journey together through our greatest adventures of parenting.

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