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With every wooden handcrafted Coocute Travel Duo set that is sold, we contribute 5% of our profits to Small Steps In Speech - a non-profit organization that helps children with speech and language disorders to get the therapy they need.

The Story Behind Why We Donate

I have always had a natural passion to help others and find ways to make their lives run a bit smoother.


When we decided to create our own handcrafted pacifier clips and teethers, we wanted them to have a triple benefit. Not only would they be 100% baby safe, and practical with teething relief and sensory stimulation but we also wanted them to promote awareness and help support a worthy cause.


Our first son had a speech and language disorder. He started off saying the basic few words and then stopped speaking and regressed just before he turned two.


As a first-time mom, I struggled with the idea that there was a development delay in our child.

We were blessed to find an early development program, where one of the coordinators were very helpful and understanding. She helped us to wrap our heads around the delay and come up with an action plan for speech therapy. 


Our son was able to receive speech therapy twice a week and is still receiving sessions.


I am very thankful that we started therapy early instead of just waiting for him to speak in his own; this has benefited him tremendously.

Over time, our speech therapist has helped our son find his voice and most importantly his confidence, which as parents I believe we can all agree, is one of our biggest hopes for our children: that they may grow confident in themselves and who they are.

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I wanted to find a way to promote speech and language awareness and hope that other mothers would also take it more seriously. Yes, many children do speak when they are ready, but in the meantime we can encourage them by using skilled techniques that focus on the individual child.  

I found an amazing non-profit called Small Step in Speech. They help children by giving them grants to help towards their speech therapy services. 


As there is limited support available for children with speech and language disorders, we wanted to support Small Steps in Speech so that more children can have the chance to receive or continue speech therapy services.

So with every purchase of Coocute Travel Duo set, we will donate 5% of the proceeds to this charity. This charity's mission is a huge part of our day to day lives and we are excited to partner with you to continue supporting our children and their development.

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