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BeeLoved Baby


This sustainable, maple wood beehive teether is your keepsake to cherish forever. It will soothe your little’s ones gums and provide a great sensory touch toy for their little fingers to hold onto while on the go!


“ I wanted to design a special wooden textured teether that would capture all those precious moments in the early years from infant to toddler, into one little ring.  I wanted to be able to remember my littlest one holding this ring throughout his busy days of exploring and learning about the world. From the early memories of seeing his bright eyes gazing back at mine while breastfeeding to the times of me chasing after him and hearing his little contagious laugh. Bee loved is inspired by my little bumble bee, always smiling and buzzing around!” - Hunter




The cutest dual benefit textured beehive teether for on the go!


Use for -the -moment to soothe little gums and keep forever to always remember those little moments that happened while they were little.



Care & Dimensions:



  • Untreated sustainable Maple wood design

  • Durable grey cord with firm texture, and secured carefully with concealed knots

  • Spot cleaning with a cloth and warm, soapy water is sufficient after each use. Then lay flat to air dry.

  • Measure approximately ??? diameter

  • The color of the marble and wood may be slight variant do to its natural style


BeeLoved Baby

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